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How to logout of League of Legends?

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New players have been flocking to Riot’s League of Legends ever since it was created about a decade back and started its magnanimous journey with world championships that have grown in size and have overlapped even the likes of the Superbowl in terms of the size of the audience.

While League of Legends, also known as LOL, has been expanding in size, it has also been updated hundreds of times in the past decade, which has changed its landscape — both in-game and on the settings side of things.

If you’re new summoner in League of Legends or are returning to the game after a sabbatical, here is how you can logout of the League of Legends game client and website in two simple steps.

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How to logout of League of Legends game?

Follow the steps mentioned below to log out of League of Legends game client.

Step 1: From any window on the LOL game client, click on the X (cross icon).Step 2: A confirmation pop-up box will appear on the client with two options — Exit and Sign Out. Select Sign Out if you want to logout of your account but keep the LOL client open. Select Exit if you want to logout and shut the LOL client as well.

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How to logout of League of Legends website?

To logout of the League of Legends website, click on your summoner name that appears at the top-right of the website window and from the dropdown menu select Logout (the option at the bottom of the menu). You’ll then be logged out of your LOL account redirected to the homepage of the League of Legends account section.

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