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How to refund skins in League of Legends (LOL)?

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Much like any other popular online game, League of Legends also offers its summoners the ability to flaunt skins on their champions as well as wards. Summoners can not only buy skins using RP (in-game currency) but also build them using skins shards acquired from loot boxes or chests.

However, when it comes to refunding skins in LOL, only the skins that you’ve bought using RP are eligible for a refund, and only 90 days after purchase Any skins that have been procured using orange essence can’t be refunded.

If you’ve purchased a skin by mistake, you can refund it without losing any refund tokens within seven days of purchase, given that you have not used it in any game, including custom games with bots. If you don’t see a warning that your refund token is being used while trying to refund an unused item in LOL, that means it is eligible for free refund.

In this article, we’re going to explain how you can refund skins in League of Legends in a few easy steps using the LOL client.

Before you proceed, you should know that each League of Legends account is given three refund tokens at the beginning. You’ll receive one additional token from Riot each year but can only hold a maximum of three in your account. So, use your refund tokens wisely as they aren’t unlimited.

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What can and can’t be refunded in League of Legends?

While you can refund some of the purchases directly from the League of Legends client, you’ll need to request Riot’s support team to refund some for you; and then there are some items that can’t be refunded at all. Here is a list of them all.

Refunds via ClientRefunds via Riot supportCan’t be refunded
ChampionsRune pagesBoosts
SkinsSummoner name changesAccount transfers
Ward skinsSummoner iconsBundles
Individual chromasChroma packsPromotional items
EmotesEsports summoner icons
Hextech inventory (keys, chests, shards)
Event passes
  • Rune page refunds would require one token per page unless you bought a bundle. Similarly, full Chroma packs will require one token and individual Chromas will require one token each to get refunded.
  • Summoner name changes will only be refunded if your previous summoner name is still available.
  • As mentioned above, you won’t be able to refund Esports summoner icons.

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How to refund skins in LOL?

Login to the League of Legends game client and follow the steps mentioned below to refund your LOL skin.

How to refund skins in League of Legends (LOL)?
  • Click on the Store icon from the toolbar at the top (located to the left of RP and Blue essence counters).
  • On the next page, click on the Profile button at the extreme right (located below the blue essence counter).
  • Then click on the Purchase History option from the sidebar panel to the left.
  • You’ll now see all the skin and champion purchases you’ve made recently.
  • Click on the Refund button beside the skin you want to refund and then confirm the action on the pop-up window.

As you might’ve noticed in the screenshot above, several skins aren’t available for refund. This is because those skins were purchased via the Loot items using orange essence, not RP.

The Steel Legion Lux skin, which is available for refund in the screenshot above, was purchased using RP and so it can be refunded. The amount of RP (487 in this case) that you spent on the skin will be refunded to your account and will show up on the RP counter at the top of the client.

You should also note that there are a limited number of refunds offered to your account. As you can see above, we’ve only a single refund remaining and after the skins are refunded, we won’t be able to refund any more skins/items until the counter resets.

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How to refund an item through Riot support?

As mentioned above, some of the purchased items in League of Legends can’t be refunded using the game client. These include Rune pages, Summoner name changes, Summoner icons and Chromas.

You can send a support ticket to Riot here to request a refund for any of the aforementioned items.

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