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How to fix Shark robot error 9?

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Shark robot vacuums are popular for their efficient cleaning capabilities and advanced features. However, like any electronic device, they may encounter occasional errors that can disrupt their performance. One such error is error 9, a common issue that can be fixed easily.

Error 9 usually indicates a problem with the brush roll or the main brush motor, causing the robot to stop working properly.

In this article, we have discussed the causes of the Shark Robot error 9 and a few ways to help you fix the issue.

What are the causes of the Shark Robot error 9?

Below we have discussed a few reasons that might be causing the Shark Robot error 9.

  • The dustbin is full.
  • Something is stuck in the robot’s wheels.
  • The sensors need cleaning.
  • The robot needs a power cycle.

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How to fix the issue?

If you encounter the Shark Robot error 9, we have explained a few ways to help you resolve the error.

Check the dustbin

Many Shark robot users have resolved this error by emptying the dustbin. The dustbin is in the charging base of the Shark robot. To empty the dustbin, follow the steps below.

  • Put the robot in the Charging station.
  • Press the Clean button on the robot.
  • Empty the removable dustbin.
  • Take the robot off the charging station and try using it again.

Check for obstacles and Clean the wheels

If your Shark robot vacuum still shows error 9, even after cleaning its dustbin, you should check for any objects blocking the brushes from moving freely. Look for both big and small obstacles and remove them one by one. Start by moving large items like chairs or tables out of the robot’s way.

Additionally, flip the wheels over and clean them to remove any hair or dirt. You can also remove the front wheel and clean any trapped debris. Refer to the user manual or watch a video tutorial to ensure you do it correctly before performing these steps.

Source: Shark

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Clean the sensors

The Shark robot vacuum has sensors that help it effectively navigate and clean your home. Depending on your model, these sensors can be found near the charging dock and on the robot itself. To clean the sensors, turn off the robot vacuum first. Then, gently wipe them with a cotton swab or a soft cloth. Refer to your user manual for more specific instructions on locating and cleaning the sensors.

Power cycle the robot

Once you have cleaned all the components of your Shark robot vacuum, error 9 should disappear. However, if the error persists, it’s time to power cycle your robot vacuum cleaner.

Power cycling is a simple method to fix issues in smart devices, including robot vacuums. It involves completely shutting down your robot vacuum and then turning it back on, just like restarting it. To power cycle your robot, follow the steps below.

  • Turn your Shark robot upside down.
  • Find the power switch.
  • Press and hold the Power switch for 2-3 seconds.
  • Wait for the robot to shut down completely.
  • Wait for at least 1-2 minutes.
  • Connect the robot to the charging base or charger.
  • Allow the robot to stay on the charger for 3-5 minutes.
  • Unplug the charger and perform a test to check if the issue is resolved.

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Reset the robot

If none of the above methods works for you, resetting the robot to factory default settings is your last resort. Follow the steps below to perform a factory reset on your Shark robot vacuum using the Shark ION App.

  • Open the Shark ION App on your mobile device.
  • Go to the Settings menu.
  • Navigate to Factory Reset and tap on it.
  • Choose Select.
  • Confirm your selection by pressing Confirm.
  • The factory reset process will begin.

It will take about three to five minutes to complete the reset process.

Source: Shark

Contact the Shark Support

If even the reset doesn’t resolve the issue, then it is recommended to contact Shark support for assistance in resolving the problem. The support team is experienced and can accurately diagnose the specific issue with your robot vacuum. Depending on your warranty coverage or the severity of the problem, they will offer repair or replacement options to address the issue effectively.

Click here to contact Shark Support

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