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Does Hinge notify screenshots?

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If you are in the market to date and getting to know people around you, using Hinge could help. New people, potential friend zones, love interests, and matches. A good app to use whether you have just moved into a new city or are tired of your old one. Online dating can make you feel on cloud nine when you click with someone, although is this space safe?

In this article, we will discuss whether or not Hinge sends a notification when you or someone else takes a screenshot of a profile.

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Notification alert: Worry or not?

Various apps that inform their users of screenshot notifications may have you rattled and wondering. Apps like Snapchat, BeReal, and Instagram‘s vanish mode, and ‘view-once’ photos inform their users. However, dating apps like Bumble do not normally keep users from taking screenshots. They have observed that people usually take the help of their family, colleagues or friends when getting to know someone new.

If you like someone’s profile on Hinge, you may take a screenshot of their profile and share it with your friends.

However, Hinge does not notify any user directly if a screenshot of their account has been taken.

Similarly, you will not be informed if someone takes a screenshot of your Hinge profile and shares it with others.

If this doesn't work for you, here is how to delete your Hinge account. You can also look for Hinge alternatives here.

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Sharing: Left or right swipe?

Someone once said discussion leads to good decisions, and one usually thinks twice before getting involved with someone else. So we share details about them with our friends and family, discuss and come to conclusions. Now, what we usually forget in this process is the other person’s privacy. Is sharing their private information on other social media apps ethical?

Sharing screenshots of anyone’s profile or photos without their consent violates their privacy and safety. You can inform them of this action, as distributing such screenshots without their knowledge is illegal and harmful to them. If you believe someone may have done the same with your account, you can block or report them.

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