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What does WYWTTA mean?

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Internet slangs have increasingly become popular as more and more people join the world wide web. Acronyms for common phrases have become a common theme worldwide, and we’re sure your favourite social networks or online communities and forums are filled with such acronyms or abbreviations. These slangs allow people to express themselves more freely, even with word limits imposed by some platforms.

One such internet slang commonly used in conversations online on texts or social networks is WYWTTA, and here we’ve explained what WYWTTA means, how to use it, and alternatives to the acronym.

What does WYWTTA stand for?

WYWTTA stands for , ‘ What You Want To Talk About’.

This slang is sent hoping that the receiver will initiate the conversation with a topic both parties will be comfortable and interested in talking about.

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How to use WYWTTA?

When using WYWTTA, the sender is usually unable to decide the topic or theme for the conversation. Therefore, it is used to ask the receiver to introduce a topic about which they want to talk.


Person 1Let’s talk about something.
Person 2WYWTTA?

WTWTTA alternative uses

Internet slangs are mostly acronyms or abbreviations, but people nowadays have started to shorten the existing slangs. One such example is WYWTA, which can be used instead of WYWTTA.

WYWTA means ‘What You Wanna Talk About’.

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Ishika Aggarwal

Ishika Aggarwal