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Gmail is getting search chips: Filters for inbox search

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Google has announced that Gmail is getting new filters to enhance the inbox search, called search chips, which would allow users to add additional filters such as attachment type or timeframe to the existing search that could be done via the sender or recipient’s name or email address.

Search chips help the users to refine their search results and get to the emails quicker. The update will start to be rolled out for both rapid and scheduled release domain starting February 19, 2020.

“We’ve heard from our users that searching in Gmail could be faster and more intuitive. We’re introducing search chips in Gmail, an easier way to sort and filter search results to find exactly what you’re looking for faster. With search chips, you can easily refine your search results and find what you’re looking for faster, without needing to sort through irrelevant returns or use search operators (like from:,” Google announced.Gmail is getting search chips: Filters for inbox search In an announcement earlier this month, the company said that multiple inboxes in Gmail will no longer support preview panes in the three-pane layouts and will also get support for independent scrolling, a unified toolbar and adjustable width in right-side configurations. The preview pane will also be renamed ‘reading pane’.

On Wednesday, Google Docs also received an update that added Smart Compose and Auto-correct features to the G Suite app.

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